9 Easy Ways To Make You Stronger Today

9 Ways To Become Stronger
Become as strong as a lion: Calm when needed and always ready to attack.

There are times when you need to grow stronger. We all know when life becomes tough.

Whether you have an unfulfilling job with a mad boss or a bad relationship with a bitch of a girlfriend.

Sometimes everything seems to go against you. So let me help you to become tougher and stronger, right now.

You feel like shit, can’t find the right words and just wish to disappear into nowhere.

But why is that?

It’s not time, yet. I will cover that in a later article most people – especially men – will fully relate to.

But don’t worry, bro:

In the mean time, you can check out my helpful advice about being stronger.

It’s not my knowledge alone. I have to give credit to some awesome mentors.

So, no matter if you are fucked by life or as calm as a toaster. Check out the 9 ways to make you stronger:

1. Breathe deep and focus on your breath

Whenever you start to stress out or don’t know what to say, you naturally start to breathe shallow. Sometimes you even hold your breath.

Ever noticed that you seem to only breathe into your chest when you start to brood and follow those endless thoughts? This happens unconsciously.

Start to focus on your breath whenever there is a stressful situation. As you notice how your body is filled with air, you become aware of the moment.
If there are negative thoughts, just let them be. BUT … don’t concentrate on them.

As you start to focus on your breath, you will notice that your breathing is very shallow in those not-so-chill moments.

Practice to breathe deep into you stomach or even deep into your balls like Elliot Hulse:

2. Get your posture right and you get your mind right

Ever noticed how sad and unhappy people seem to have a bad posture? How their shoulders slope forward? How their head hangs low?

No wonder they feel bad.

If you want to feel like a king, you have to make sure that you carry yourself gracefully and with pride.

Shoulders back. Head up high (not too high – but if you’re cocky, just do it). Chest out, butt in. Simple as that.

If you work in the office sitting all day, sit straight because it enhances your mood. Here’s a good starting point.

3. Become stronger by being emotionally independent

Everytime others have fun and you are around, you feel angry but you try hard to cover it. You start to get passive aggressive and whiny.

You become emotionally dependent whether people like you or not. As soon as someone neglects you, you feel bad and sad.

Here is my advice:

Stop being a pussy and man up!

Breathe deeply and carry yourself with a good posture. Ignore bad thoughts by shifting your mindset.

For example:

You requested holidays and your boss lets his ass take too much time for approval. Even though no other colleague has planned his holidays for that intended time, your boss doesn’t move a finger.

I bet most of you thought:

“Damn, what have I done wrong. Is my work bad? Am I about to get fired? Silly me has to kiss more ass, I guess.”

Nahhhh … let’s shift it and twist it until it fits our needs:

IT’S NOT YOU, who is doing something wrong.

IT’S YOUR BOSS, who doesn’t approve your holidays.

Every employee has the right to take his holidays as long as it is written down in your contract. So who’s bad (MJ Style)?

This way you can change your perspective to any given situation and with a little practice you will never feel bad again about yourself.

You will become a stronger person.

4. Turn of your TV / radio and burn them newspapers / magazines

You know what most people who try to fill their inner void with entertainment have in common?

They rely on external sources to make them happy.

But as soon as the radio is turned off, they don’t know what to do. They need that noise around them.

But why?

It is because when there is silence they start to feel a void. And this void is always present with people who have no real goals or a purpose in life.

But this is not to bash those people.

Many people are 100% sure that entertainment is designed to manipulate you to don’t think yourself. They want you to believe all the nonsense in those bullshit modern movies (men becoming feminine and women becoming masculine). They want you to be a consumer. They don’t want you to be a producer.

News are designed to create fear and anxiety in you hence to lower your self esteem. Fearful people are easier to manipulate and to control.

Don’t think that you can buy happiness with status symbols.

Bought status isn’t real status (I’ll cover that later).

Ever noticed how in nearly every news report there are some made up statistics? Statics to sell a certain agenda to you? Statistics of people you don’t know? (Man getting blamed for everything and women are always right, and stupid crap like that)

So why do you believe in that media bullshit without second guessing?


Check out sites like http://www.dangerandplay.com/

5. Listen to positive music

Stop listening to sad and depressing music.

But, oh great Stephan! Why should I do that?

Because sad and depressing music makes you sad and depressed!

But wait! What should I listen to instead?

Listen to positive or aggressive music. Music is like hypnosis.

Your brain creates chemicals that fit the mood you get when listening to those beats.

So listen to music that improves your mood and makes you feel stronger! 

For example:


Everytime I start my work out and want to rock, I listen to …


Or something aggressive to get that pain out of your system (scream the hook for maximum effect):


And finally something more relaxing but still positive:

6. Move your lazy ass and train or lift!

Body and mind are connected in a way most people don’t know about.

When your body is healthy, your mind becomes healthy, too.

When your mind is healthy, your body will work better (more power, more stamina, better digestion and more).

But how do I become fit, master?

I’ll tell you the truth about being fit and athletic. And the truth hurts as always (That’s why most people don’t want to hear the truth in every aspect of their lives).

To be fit, you must do something to be fit.

To become stronger, you must do something to become stronger.

Do all it takes with DISCIPLINE hence a work out routine to get your mind of planning or running into haphazard situations.

That’s the simple formula behind that. To easy to be true, huh?

Of course, you will go through a lot of pain. But in the end you will grow stronger. You will be superior to those lazy skinny or fat guys.

And you will be strong enough to fight or fit enough to run away.

I have gone through 30 days of discipline and it changed my life. My mind and body is stronger and I finally have the discipline to master life I was lacking for so long. I will link a review as soon as I have it written down (I am in my 2nd run of 30DoD).

Training boosts your testosterone levels! You do it, because this makes you a real man, not an irritable, whiny little princess!

7. Eat right and you feel right

No matter how good your mind is, and no matter how hard you train – if you want to achieve your fitness goals and have the right mindset, you need something.

This little something is the most important part of becoming healthy.

Almost no e-book about body building has it. If something about it is included, it often is only a scratch on the surface.

99% of your sports and mind goals are nutrition.

If you feed your body right, it will work better.

If your body works better, you can train and think better.

That is because your digestion will function better and therefore giving your body the energy to become stronger.

If you are stronger, you will feel and think better and vice verca.

But where to start?

To shred some fad and feel good, try this old school diet that people like Arnold Schwarzenegger have done to become stronger and boost your test!

8. Dress well and feel good

Imagine yourself in some old jeans and a dirty sweater and some worn out shoes that don’t fit your style.

Embarrassing, ain’t it?

Now, imagine yourself wearing a nice slim fitting shirt and fitting pants complimenting your muscular physique. All while rocking some nice shoes that resemble a mixture of sporty and elegant.

What would you choose? And with which version of yourself would you rather be friends with?

The way you dress tells much about yourself.

So dress well and feel good and get the attention of anybody around.

The key is to always look slightly better than the other males in the room.

So if everybody is wearing basketball outfits, you can enhance it with a nice necklace to stand out just that extra bit.

You will be received as someone who knows his stuff and that will boost your confidence through the roof.

Since I dress well I get mistaken for our boss sometimes. It feels great (Of course I am working on becoming my own boss).

9. Find your reason to live!

If you look at the average person – only goals in life have to be something like:

  • Working a job you don’t like with colleagues / bosses getting on your nerves
  • Earning money with said job to party at the weekend to forget the shitty job and problems
  • Buying stuff you don’t need to impress others you don’t even like
  • Going somewhere in holidays with only goal to later tell people about it
  • Doing stuff to appear busy but not being productive

Believe me, I always get the looks when being asked …

What are you going to do this weekend?

Where do you go on your holidays?

… and my same exact answer is:

I’ll work on my goals in life as I do every day.

What I mean with trying to appear busy but not being productive:

To simple pack your day with stupid things like going to an after-work-party, watching sports on TV or sitting in the park wasting time is nothing to be proud of.

Of course nearly everyone does this. But nearly everyone is unhealthy and average.

So do you want to be that average skinny or fat guy with low self esteem?

The one waiting that life becomes better one day while being totally passive about it?

I know your answer 😉


To clarify, I once was average, too. And I still am not where I want to be, but waking up from this nightmare of a society, gave me the willpower and strength to overcome bad habits and form new better habits in the last 30 days:

  • Stopped smoking from 30 cigarettes a day to 0 since the 1st day of the 30 days
  • Exercized every day except one cheat day on weekends to recover and be lazy
  • Had a good posture and made eye contact
  • Said “no” when I didn’t want something (family party with parts of the family I don’t like – I mean the superficial-try-to-make-you-eat-and-drink-shit-you-know-is-crap-part-of-the-family)
  • Cut contact to people that drag me down with their poor mindset
  • Trained my mindset to not accept feelings and thoughts I don’t like
  • Became tougher with a no bullshit attitude
  • Increased natural testosterone
  • Dressed well every day
  • Finally did things like cleaning the car and going to the barber frequently
  • Worked everyday on my purpose in life
  • Didn’t masturbate and didn’t watch porn

You see some goals are bigger, some are smaller.

But having them, makes you feel superior.

You do not need the acceptance of others.

They need yours!

So, let’s summarize and remember:

  1. Breathe deep and calm your mind
  2. Maintain the posture of a proud man
  3. Become emotionally independent by changing your mindset to get an outcome fitting your needs
  4. Get rid of mainstream media
  5. Only listen to positive music
  6. Exercise every day. Break a sweat!
  7. Get your nutrition right.
  8. Dress well.
  9. Find your goals in life and work towards them.

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