Don’t Quit Smoking And Yet Become Stronger

If you don't stop smoking you will never be free.
Smoking. Not that cool. Be strong without this crutch.

Don’t quit smoking and yet become stronger?

Sounds wierd? In this article you will learn how to become stronger with this tiny little mind hack šŸ˜‰

But firstly, let’s talk about a huge vice many ā€“ in my opinion, too many – men have:

Smoking tobacco.

If you found this article, we can assume that you are a smoker.

Maybe you smoke three cigarettes a day. Maybe 3 packages. It doesn’tĀ matter, because a drug is a drugĀ andĀ drugs are bad.

Possibly you are one of the cigaretteĀ gourmets. A person who ā€œenjoysā€ smoking. So you don’t quit smoking. Someone who loves to smell like cold ash, coughing all the time.

Maybe you are just an occasional smoker who smokes at parties or at breaks at workĀ because you want to be social with your colleagues.

Or you are like me and you hate it. Yes, you hate smoking. But you keep on smokingĀ either way. You hate coughing, you hate spending money for something you don’t enjoy. But you can’t stop.

Maybe you are also smoking for over 10 years like I was. But now you want to get rid of this crap.

So, even if you have heard many reasons why you should stop smoking, check out some suggestions against those cigarettes:

Reasons for quittingĀ smoking you didn’t think of

  • They do NOT lower stress, they CAUSE stress
  • They do NOT relax you, they CREATE unpleasant feelings

They don’t make you calm and cool because they increase your heart rate, lower your testosterone and make you look and feel like a junkie.

We all know these old advertisements with those real men enjoying life and being adventurous. And all this while smoking cigarettes non stop.

There also was a time when soldiers where given cigarettes because back then they thought they would make soldiers better soldiers with better reflexes and more endurance for dangerous situations.

Meanwhile, generations became addicted to this so called freedom of smoking a freaking cigarette.

Even feminism was started with women smoking cigarettes publicly. Those women thought they were free and tough. But they didn’t know that feminism was invented to have more tax payers, giving the government more money and until this day destroying the institution of natural family more and more.

But let’s get back to topic. I will now give you my little trick how to reprogram your brain. And yes, there is this one wierd trick to hack your mind. So let’s check it.

Don’t Quit Smoking And Yet Become Stronger: the step-by-step guide

  1. Do NOT use the term ā€œI will quit smokingā€. Instead of quitting something (which means, you regret it and think you have to lose something), you want to breakĀ free fromĀ smoking. To become free is better than quitting because becoming free has a positive vibe to it meaning it is better to free than to be in the prison of smoking.
  2. Do NOT use ā€œI will”. Delete the ā€œwill”. For example: ā€œI will get ridĀ of smoking.ā€ is bad. Better is to say ā€œI get ridĀ of smoking.ā€ because your mind will get used to that and after some short time period will accept it as reality.
  3. Do NOT think ā€œIf I don’t smoke I will feel bad because of the withdrawal symptoms.ā€ Instead, think about it and reword it like ā€œWhen I smoke I will feel bad because smoking creates the withdrawal symptoms in the first placeā€.
  4. Do NOT think you have to sacrifice something like most people say: ā€œI will never have fun at parties again without my smelling little crutch.ā€ Better is to understand, is that you should be happy to not smoke and better feel sorry for all the people who need this little hot penis to feel confident and relaxed.
  5. Do NOT think ā€œWhen I smoke in my office break I can calm down and relax.ā€ because smoking doesn’t relax you. It raises your heart rate causing stress and nervousness. Better say: ā€œWhen I don’t smoke I can be relaxed and calm.ā€ If you don’t quit smoking, you won’t enjoy real calmness.


If you can reprogram your mind to take not smoking as a gift instead of a sacrifice you can become free and stronger at the same time. Because not smoking anymore will boost your testosterone and your endurance. You will have better muscle gains in the gym and can do someĀ High Intensity Training.

One of the best books regarding smoking addiction isĀ Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking: Revised EditionĀ because it helped millions of people to get rid of cigarettes – including me. I have been smokingĀ more than 25 cigarettes a day for over 10 years. This bookĀ together with 30 days of disciplineĀ made me stop smoking in one day!

If you don’t quit smoking, simply break free fromĀ it.

Helpful resources

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Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking: Revised Edition
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